Stochastic Mechanics


Stochastic mechanics is based on the idea that many (if not all) of the seemingly weird features of quantum mechanics can be derived by considering random walks. Famous examples include the Schrödinger equation and the canonical commutation relations. This main idea is attractive because random walks are a well-understood phenomena that arises, for example, for pollen grains in water. Surprisingly, the stochastic perspective on quantum mechanics is not well-known even though its validity is not disputed.


  • Learn how we can describe stochastic processes mathematically (Ito calculus).
  • Understand the derivation of fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics in the context of stochastic mechanics.
  • Write a student-friendly introduction to stochastic mechanics.


  • Marcel Köpke
  • Jakob Schwichtenberg
  • Max Stadelmaier
  • Paul Tremper